Laura Micetich weighed more than 300 lbs. At a height of more than six feet, she used to tower over all of her friends, overweight and full of fat. After her four year long relationship ended, Micetich decided to make some big chances. And boy oh boy, did she change her life! Micetich now weighs 115lbs . She has transformed herself so remarkably that people accused her of going through a fat loss surgery.


Micetich lost all of that weight naturally. She says that she had given a thought to getting a surgery, but when she joined gym  and saw a few pounds dissolving, she decided to opt the hard but natural way of getting lean and fit. Micetich’s transformation is so surprising that many weight loss businesses used her pictures to market their products.


Micetich had a habit of eating secretly. She used to go to the fridge and binge eat. She loved sugary sodas, snacks and junk food.



Micetich’s story is a big motivation for all those who have planned to join gym many times in their life but they don’t take the first step. Micetich says that during the early days of gym, it was hard. Many people around her gave her awkward looks. They even thought that Micetich’s goals was a “joke.” But here is what made all the difference: Micetich decided not to give a fu*k about what people thought. She kept going and going and when those first few pounds started shredding, people were in awe.


Another big factor which kept Micetich on her heels was the fact that she was a teacher in a school. She wanted to be a role model for the kids. She didn’t like when kids saw their teacher as huge pile of fat.

Tell us what struggles are you facing in your weight loss plan and what kind of motivation works for you.

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