How Modern Technology is Affecting Health Care Today

Medical technology has come a long way over the years. There have been many advancements since your parents and grandparents were children. It is continuing to advance even as we speak. It is becoming increasingly easier for patients and doctors to communicate with each other and new medicines are coming out all the time to treat different diseases and conditions. As technology continues to advance, so with the world of health care.

  1. Electronic Health Records

In 2009, only 16 percent of the United States hospitals were using an EHR (Electronic Health Record). By 2013, about 80 percent had incorporated EHR into their organizations. This has allowed for the centralization of patient information. This will also be able to be used as data and a health tool for the general population of the future.

  1. Digital Nursing Assistant

Modern gadgets are much smarter than the “pet rocks” of old. There are a range of new gadgets that act as your own digital body guard, butler and nurse. They can remind you of water, food and sun intake. These digital nurses give you the tools to reach your health goals.

  1. Remote Monitoring Tools

Many elderly patients are now using a home monitoring system. This is helping our aging population reduce cost of unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office. It is also a great system for them to have in the event that there may be an emergency at home. This is especially important for our elderly relatives who live at home alone. It allows them and their loved ones to rest easy knowing that they have someone watching out for them in these extreme circumstances.

  1. Microbiology Testing

Microbiology is also contributing to the advancement of technology in health care of today’s world. Companies like Nelson Laboratories are known for its microbiology testing services for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, tissue, and natural products. This allows medical manufactures to mitigate their risk and to succeed with their customers.

Technology has advanced health care in many other areas as well. Therefore, modern technology has greatly increased the amount and immediacy of information. People simply expect to receive their results in real-time and believe that someone has the answer to every question. Modern technology provides both the metrics and the tools to achieve health care goals. People now have the tools to succeed in the palm of their hand.

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