Chronic alcohol use may not seem like such a big deal. There are long-term implications when it comes to your mental capabilities. Here are some of the ways that chronic alcohol use can affect your cognitive function over the long-term.

Decreased Brain Matter

Your brain starts to lose gray matter as a result of chronic alcohol use. This can cause you to lose some of the abilities and memories that you had prior to consistently consuming alcohol. You really are killing off your brain cells when you consistently indulge a little too much in drinking. This may not be readily apparent in the short-term, but continued long-term use will make this affect more noticeable to your friends and family.

Impaired Thinking

There is of course the short-term effects of alcohol usage on your ability to make sound decisions. The long-term implications can continue to last even after you stop your chronic alcohol usage. This can cause you to make poor choices when it comes to driving under the influence. You may need to speak with a DUI lawyer if you find yourself in this type of situation. Drinking and driving is a big deal and can have long-term consequences for you in the legal sense as well as the physical.

Worsening Mental State

One of the major noticeable changes in the beginning may be that you have more difficulty controlling your emotions. The world may start to overwhelm you and this could lead to you wanting to consume more alcohol in order to cope. This then causes your mental state to decay further. For those that suffer from a preexisting mental health disorder, this cycle can be disastrous. You may find yourself behaving erratically and be unable to understand the causes behind your behavior.

Poor Motor Control

Alcohol usage impairs your ability to control your body. You may assume that this is only true when you’ve been drinking. The long-term implications of alcohol use is that you may damage the connections between your brain and your body. This could lead you to act as though you’re under the influence even when you’re sober. Brain damage will eventually affect the rest of your body and your organs. If left unchecked, you may suffer from poor body control for the rest of your life.

There are lots of ways that chronic alcohol use will impair your cognitive function. Consider these damaging effects and the reasons that stopping the abuse may be in your best interests.

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