Cryopreservation may be something that you’ve only heard about in science fiction movies. This type of technology has been around for years in research laboratories and in fertility clinics. Here are some of the long-term uses when it comes to cryo-freezing chambers.

Disease Studies

Scientists have long used cryopreservation in order to study bacterial cell lines. This is because if the bacteria are stored in the refrigerator, it only slows the mutation and evolutionary process. Researchers may require the original cell line of the bacteria in order to derive new treatments or even to observe the effects of their research efforts. This method is effective when scientists are attempting to do comparative studies against new and emerging disease outbreaks for your health benefit.

Stem Cell Lines

Stem cell research is controversial, but can prove to be useful when it comes to combatting disease and your other health conditions. Adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood can be frozen in order to ensure future research efforts. The process generally involves the use of a liquid nitrogen freezer in order to reduce the potential harmful effects that can occur during the freezing process. Being able to quickly freeze your cells may help to maintain the viability of your cell line over the long-term.

Tissue Preservation

Tissue preservation has been used in fertility clinics when it comes to saving embryos for your future use or implantation. Some studies have shown that the embryos are still viable even after more than a decade of being frozen. In order to ensure the viability of the tissue, preparation is key. This means that researchers often use cryo-protectants to shield the tissue from developing crystallization that would cause irreparable damage to the material that’s being preserved.

Transplant Opportunities

Imagine being able to receive a transplant of an organ that was obtained years before you needed it. This is a possibility when it comes to saving your life. Organs would be harvested from organ donors and then matched to recipients at a later date. This could eliminate the waiting list and the years of you having to hope that one becomes available. Studies with human organs haven’t been completed at this point, but it has shown some success in mice.

Cryopreservation is an emerging field of study that may have long ranging benefits for you. These are just a few of the ways that cryo-freezing chambers can prove useful for long-term storage in order to achieve medical and research advancements.

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