AIDS is a common disease that is transmitted by the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. During the initial stages of the disease you might experience illness and this might last for a long period of time. With the passage of time, the virus starts infecting the immune system badly.

The main reason behind the transmission of HIV is unprotected sexual intercourse. This includes anal as well as oral sex. However, the rate of transmission of disease through anal intercourse is higher as compared to oral sex. The disease spreads through hypodermic needles, blood transfusions, breastfeeding, delivery and various other reasons.

Measures to prevent the disease

Till date no permanent method has been introduced to cure the disease. However, certain methods like antiretroviral treatment could control the disease to a great extent. Other medications have also been introduced, which are effective in reducing the further spread of the disease. These medications are quite expensive and could cause certain side effects in the patient’s body.

The first HIV was detected in the west- central part of America in the beginning of the twentieth century. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized this virus and its impact on the human body in the year 1981.

Rate of transmission of disease in homosexual men

Studies have revealed that gay men are at a higher risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. There are different reasons that cause AIDS among them. The virus in semen contributes towards the transmission of the disorder. Other reasons could be sexual activity associated with the groups. Males are usually involved in anal sex, which increases the chance of AIDS. Gays use illegal drugs like methamphetamine and many others. These drugs tend to weaken their immune system.

The need of the hour is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease and bring a new approach to cure them. Besides this, several campaigns and programs could be launched to spread awareness among gays. The government of different countries could take initiatives to supply effective and strong condoms at the medical stores. Besides this, more information about different types of testing arrangements could be updated at the clinics.

Most of the gay men are aware about the transmission of AIDS through sex. Despite this, they do not take necessary precautions due to several reasons. Sometimes, both the partners believe that they do not need condoms as both of them are not suffering from HIV. While some men think that not using precautions is a symbol of faith they have on their partner.

The role played by different health sectors

Schools and institutions play a crucial role to prevent the spread of the disease. They spread awareness among gays as well as others about the risk involved with homosexual intercourse. Gay men can get suitable advice and suggestions from their teachers and elders.

Importance of sex education

All the individuals have the right to sex education. The sex education must not only have information about heterosexual, but also about homosexual relationships. This will help the individuals to understand the gays and lesbians better. Hence, a complete sex education must include sexual identity, sex, HIV AIDS and about relationships and feelings.

Youth usually gain incomplete information regarding the bisexual, lesbian and gay people. It is the responsibility of the staff of the school to correct their information. The correct guidance will surely reduce the risk of HIV among men.

Besides the organization and schools, it is the responsibility of friends and family members to provide proper support to the gay men. The families that accept the sexuality of homosexual men could easily interact with them regarding different concerns.

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