Unless you work in a hospital, you may be at a loss to figure out how a supply of portable oxygen can be useful in your job. However, if you have ever experienced fatigue, irritability or a drop in concentration levels while in the office, you could benefit from having oxygen to hand.
Typically, people get their oxygen by breathing air, which is almost always sufficient to ensure your body functions well. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the natural process, and there are a number of circumstances where increasing the supply of oxygen to the bloodstream is desirable.
Among them is when you are at work. The air quality in office blocks and factories isn’t always great and spending prolonged periods in poorly-ventilated or stuffy rooms can lead to a slight oxygen deficit.
The effect of this will be magnified if you work in a city centre or other area where pollution is a problem. Fumes from industrial processes and car exhausts, along with raised ozone levels, result in the air quality dropping and make it more difficult for people to take in all the oxygen they require.
In the most serious cases, an oxygen deficit can be a contributory factor to a major medical condition. You won’t experience that during your ordinary working day, but you may suffer from some unpleasant symptoms.
Lack of energy and falling concentration levels are the most common effects, but headaches, irritability and fatigue are also likely. Some people attribute feeling like this to standard post-lunch weariness, but as all these things have the potential to reduce your effectiveness and enjoyment of your job, it is well worth considering whether they are actually caused by a lack of oxygen – particularly as there is a simple way to deal with it.
Oxygen therapy is a well-established method of treating a number of illnesses, most notably respiratory conditions and sleep disorders. It works by increasing the amount of oxygen the patient takes into their lungs and that is then absorbed into their bloodstream.
This natural process helps to improve the function of the body’s organs and ensure cells work in the most efficient way possible. The end result is a rise in energy levels and a greater feeling of wellbeing.
Unlike people undergoing hospital treatment, you won’t need an oxygen cylinder coupled with a mask or nasal cannula just to alleviate fatigue during your working day. There is a much more convenient way to administer the therapy.
Buy a small oxygen can , which will easily fit inside your handbag or briefcase, and you will have the perfect solution on hand for occasions when you start to feel tired or stressed while in the office. The cans come with a special inhalation cap, so you should find it simple to administer eight to ten breaths.
You will discover it is a fast-acting remedy, as tests have shown you will feel the benefit of an energy boost within a few minutes of inhaling. It should also help to alleviate headaches and feelings of tiredness.
Of course, you do not have to wait until you begin feeling symptoms of fatigue before taking pure oxygen. It can also be used to freshen up after a long journey, to help ensure you are at your most alert before an important meeting, or just to improve your concentration level before you drive home.

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