Anyone who takes on the role of a hospital administrator is someone who becomes the captain of the ship in terms of management tasks in the medical facility. They are the person who has control of all aspects of the facility including personnel, facility maintenance, enforcing policies and procedures, and keeping track of the finances and budget. They also have to be aware of any new regulations and laws within the scope of the medical industry that affect them including advancements in medical technology.

Qualities Needed for Success

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, several qualities and skill sets needed to be a successful hospital administrator. A high level of communication skills, (oral and written), to communicate with various departments and differing levels of skills in the audience you will be communicating with precipitates knowing when to include more technical content or less in information that is being given.  Additionally, to be in charge of a medical facility that incorporates different departments and a multitude of employees, you must have exceptional organizational skills to keep everything running smoothly. This also includes knowing when to designate tasks to others to get the job done.

Educational Background

Earning an undergraduate degree is the first step to working in the medical field. Take some time to research exactly what you are looking for, and find out what the future has in store for you.  A general graduate degree towards working in the hospital administration field will give you background in healthcare law, medical marketing and financing, healthcare management, and general human resources. Most programs also include some kind of internship.

Pursuing an MBA Online

With the structure of today’s world, it is becoming more conducive to many people’s lifestyles to pursue a degree online. There are many ways to earn an online healthcare administration MBA for anyone interested in pursuing this type of career path. For anyone considering these programs, the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education suggests that three things need consideration before choosing a program: The online college or university should be checked for proper accreditation through the ACBSP. The online school should give you an opportunity to participate in some kind of professional training at a medical facility for credit.  The overall program should be balanced between courses pertaining to business management skills as well as specific healthcare-related courses.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the field of hospital administration, the job outlook through 2024 is a growth of at least 17% in the field of hospital administration, considered better than average compared to other fields. In 2014, the number of hospital administration jobs was approximately 333,000 in the U.S. with a projected growth of at least 56,000 more jobs by 2024.


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