For many people, it is those small bad habits that lead to health problems. An extra cookie here or a few sleepless nights each month could make a big impact on your health. Plan to change those bad health habits by taking these four actions.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Many adults have so much to do that sleep is reduced. The time that you spend sleeping is when your body gets a chance to repair the damage to cells. Sleep is also when memories are formed in the brain. Sleep restores the body and the mind. Be sure to prioritize sleep and cut out the time wasters that intrude on your sleep time. Improve the quality of your sleep by putting away devices and only using the bedroom for sleeping and sex.

Make Time for Exercise Every Day

A lot of people do not get any moderate exercise on a daily basis. Technology has made everyday life easier, but it also makes some people less active. Take the most distant parking spot when you go grocery shopping or drive to work. If you take the bus, consider getting off one stop early and walking the rest of the way home. Check your social media while walking steps on the treadmill.

Visit the Doctor

It is also easy to forget routine well visits and checkups. Professionals, such as those at Rural Health Services Consortium Inc., Regular visits to the doctor help to detect the signs of chronic disease before significant complications can develop. Routine screenings such as tests for breast, colon and prostate cancer can also be performed. As you get older, you may need additional screenings and booster vaccinations for diseases such as shingles and pneumonia.

Avoid Mindless Eating

The availability of junk food makes it easy to snack without really being hungry. With so many convenience foods, fast-food restaurants and vending machines, many people consume more calories than their bodies need, which leads to weight that creeps upward from year to year. Avoid mindless eating by stocking your refrigerator with baby carrots and cucumbers for when you feel drawn to eat. Take a five minute walk instead of having a snack. Drink a glass of water instead of eating.

Pick one bad habit to reform and intensely focus on it. Once you change that one bad habit into a better habit, pick the next bad habit to get rid of. Each step forward that you make on the journey to health will be beneficial to your body and your mind.

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