If you have trouble breathing, your doctor may recommend that you use an oxygen machine. However, traditional units are big and bulky and come with cords that tangle or can get caught on objects as you walk through your home or in the yard. Fortunately, home oxygen systems have made it easier than ever to live a relatively normal life.


Portable Systems Aren’t As Big or Heavy as Traditional Units

A portable home oxygen system makes it possible to venture around the house or go outside without being weighed down by a large tank or tripping over 50 feet of cord. Instead, you can just strap the system to your back or carry it in a small bag that is attached to your back.


Units can be designed to blend in with your clothing or whatever else you happen to be wearing. This means that your grandchildren or others who visit your home may not even know that you are using oxygen. For those who are embarrassed about using oxygen or don’t want to answer questions about their condition, this can help meet their needs while ensuring their privacy.


Lighter oxygen systems are beneficial to those who may be smaller or who have lost bone density as they get older. They are less likely to hurt or otherwise place a burden on those who can’t breathe properly without assistance.


New Systems Distribute Oxygen Around the Home

New home oxygen units are designed to distribute air around the home with no need to wear anything or connect tubes from a portable cylinder directly to your nose. Instead, the unit sits in a fixed location in your home and makes sure that additional oxygen is sent to every room in your house.


This is ideal for those who don’t want their mobility limited to 50 or 100 feet from their oxygen cylinder. With a whole home unit, you can watch TV in the living room, get up to make a snack in the kitchen and then grab your laptop from the office with no problem.


If you are having clients over for a meeting or having friends and family members over for a gathering, you aren’t restricted to staying in one or two rooms in the house. This helps you to be a better host or to mingle in a more natural manner with others no matter where they may be.


You May Be More Active Around the House

With the help of your oxygen concentrator, you may have more energy and an overall better quality of life. Since you can take your oxygen wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about having trouble breathing after chasing the grandchildren around in the yard. You can also feel better about shoveling snow or doing other projects around the house knowing that you may be able to exert yourself without losing your breath.


As an added bonus, you may find that you sleep better at night as well. This alone can give you more energy and make it more likely that you will do more around the house or at least want to see how far you can go before you have to take a break. Your spouse or partner may also appreciate the fact that you breathe better at night because it may allow him or her to sleep better as well.


There are few events in life that are scarier than not being able to breathe. However, if you have your oxygen nearby, you don’t have to worry about spending time in a hospital or even losing your life because of an asthma attack or sudden shortness of breath.

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