Sometimes getting sick in inevitable. Whether it’s a bug that you caught from the office or food poisoning from a bad taco. One of the areas that you don’t expect to get sick from is your home. You expect your home to be a safe and relaxing place to be. However, there are things that you may not be aware of that are actually making you sick. It’s important to check these five problem areas and make sure that your entire family is safe.

Sick Home


Your bathroom is a prime suspect for illness. When tiles in this area are missing, caulk shrinks, or grout comes undone, water can seep behind the wall and cause mold. There are thousands of mold types, and the spores are released into the air you breathe, which makes you sick. Excessive moisture should be controlled by proper ventilation and wiping down standing water.



This area is notorious for producing mold. Condensation easily gathers in basements, and the moist, humid environment lends to mold growth. Carpeting, cardboard and drywall can be subject to mold, and those spores will be released and then freely drift throughout your home, causing irritation and allergic reactions. Use a dehumidifier to dry it out.


Under The Sink

The area under a sink is a breeding ground for dust and mold. Pipes can be covered with condensation, which then evaporates and clings to the shelving around it. The dark, moist environment produces mold quickly. In addition, if a pipe has even a small leak, it will leave standing water, which will also be an attraction to mosquitos and other insects. The key is to keep the area as dry as possible and remedy any leaks immediately.


Dust Mites and Dust

When the dust mite population in your home rises, an allergic attack will result, including asthma attacks. Dust build-up, especially when it’s mixed with pet dander and hair, floats around your home and is easily breathed in. To prevent this, dust regularly and wash bedding in hot temperatures.



This is one of the most common causes of sickness in a house but often gets looked over as ‘just a bug’. Vents are great vehicles for transporting bacteria, viruses and other pollutants throughout your home. In order to make sure this isn’t happening, proper maintenance is a must. This can done by cleaning out the air ducts and changing filters regularly to get rid of pollutants and clean your air. Either you can try it yourself or contact a professional, like those at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, to clean them for you.


Paying attention to these five problem areas will help you battle indoor pollution and provide protection to you and your family’s health. These problem areas can get out of hand very quickly so make sure you are at least keeping an eye on them before deciding on cleaning them. Remember, your home is your haven, so keep it clean and safe.

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