For prospective parents, one of the biggest decisions is deciding between a home birth and a hospital birth. Though there are many benefits to both types of births, each birth type also comes with its own unique disadvantages. Here are some things you should consider if you are trying to decide what type of birth is right for you.

More Safeguards at Hospitals

A hospital is full of trained professionals and medical equipment, so you can be certain of help and medical intervention if anything goes wrong. In fact, studies have linked the recent rise in childbirth mortality rates to the growing trend of home births. For women with high-risk pregnancies, a home birth can be quite dangerous.

Choose Your Attendants at Home

In a hospital, you may not get to choose which nurses and other healthcare professionals assist you during the childbirth. Being surrounded by people you feel comfortable with is greatly important during a childbirth, and you can be certain to get people you like and trust during a home birth. For example, you can pick a nurse whose RN to MSN program specialized in childbirth, instead of ending up with a nurse who does not have much experience with expectant mothers.

Hospitals Have Many Advantages

Even if you have help, preparing for a home birth is a massive undertaking. It requires getting a lot of supplies, and many women feel pressured to have a clean home and be hospitable to any guests. At a hospital, trained professionals are available constantly to take care of you and your guests while you just focus on giving birth and bonding with your baby.

Home Births Are More Relaxing

Women having home births can relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings until their body is naturally ready to give birth. At hospitals, some women feel rushed because they are administered Pitocin, a medication to strengthen uterus contractions. Many women who choose a home birth mention that they enjoyed getting to rest at home while dealing with the discomfort of cramps.

The type of birth you choose will be dependent on your childbirth goals and physical health. Each type of childbirth comes with a unique set of pros and cons. Though a home birth may be more relaxing and peaceful for a family, it is not advised for women with high risk pregnancies. Talk to your doctor to find the birthing method that most suits your needs.

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