Some music sounds better loud, but too high of a volume could impact your sense of hearing. You can still enjoy music without having it at such a high volume as to cause hearing damage. Consider these four reasons to lower the volume of your music.

Reduce Brain Fatigue and Headaches

When you listen to loud music for an extended period of time, you could experience a sort of brain fatigue. Your auditory nerves could be overstimulated and tired. Many people experience a headache after listening to music that is too loud. In extreme cases, listening to loud music could cause you to have a frustrating ringing in your ears. This is called tinnitus.

Prevent Loss in the Range of Hearing

Exposure to loud sounds could cause a loss in your range of hearing. When you consistently listen to loud music, especially if you use ear buds or headphones for listening, the cilia in your ears could become damaged. This results in a reduced ability to hear sounds at the lowest and highest ends of the auditory spectrum. Lowering the volume of music also reduces your risk of a ruptured eardrum.

Get Hearing Aids for Reduced Auditory Functioning

If you have a history of listening to loud music, consider going to an audiologist for hearing testing. When hearing loss is detected, hearing aids can restore your auditory function. Some companies, like Hearservice, know that today’s hearing aids are less noticeable than the large, clunky hearing aids of a couple of generations ago. Hearing aids allow you to have a conversation, talk on the phone, or dine at a restaurant and hear sounds around you.

Listen to Ambient Sounds

When your music is too loud, you might not be able to hear important sound cues. For example, if you are driving while playing loud music, you might not hear the emergency siren of an ambulance or fire truck. If walking while listening to loud music, you might not hear the honking of a car warning you to get out of the way of danger. Turning the music down allows you to hear those critical sounds.

By lowering the volume of your music to a moderate level, you can help to protect your hearing. Most music is still enjoyable at a medium volume, and keeping the volume down ensures that your ears will be able to provide you with a full range of hearing in the future. If you think you have hearing loss, consider hearing aids.

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