Health is a funny thing, especially if you’re young. While you might feel invincible now, the reality is some of your habits might be slowing killing you, or greatly diminishing your quality of life. Instead of keeping them up until they inevitably catch up with you, it’s best to swap them out for healthier habits now. Here are four lifestyle changes worth considering for a healthier you.

Quit smoking

If you do smoke, this has probably on your mental to-do list for a while. You might think that smoking won’t have much of an effect on you as long as you quit sooner rather than later. However, the longer you smoke, the harder it’ll be to quit and the more damage you’ll do to your body. Give it up today or set a date for quitting within the next month. Vaping and e-cigarettes are become quite popular, with companies like Central Vapors and similar businesses marketing a wide variety of flavors. Considering switching to this method if you want to continue the ritual of smoking a cigarette.

Give up soda

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. They contain just about no health advantages and plenty of disadvantages, yet many people will drink one or more on a daily basis. If you’re trying to lose weight or otherwise improve your health, ditching soda should be one of the first things on your list. Take up drinking water on a regular basis instead.

Get enough sleep

You might pride yourself on being able to function on little sleep, but you’re more than likely just deluding yourself. A lack of sleep creates a domino effect of bad health. You don’t feel rested, so you’re unable to perform to your full mental capacity and as a result, you don’t make the best decisions for your heath. Just try getting a full eight hours sleep for a week and notice just how much better you feel as a result.

Adapt a plant-based diet

While meat is the staple of many diets, recent scientific evidence has shown the harm that can come from eating it, including processed meats being linked to cancer. If you never stop in the produce department of your grocery store, now is the time to do so. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that promote a healthy lifestyle. Look into vegetarian and vegan recipes that will expand your horizons about what plant-based foods can do.

Being healthy is not about starting a short-term diet or exercise routine. It’s about making permanent lifestyle changes to better yourself for good. By following these four lifestyle changes, you can count on a healthier and better you.

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