Modern medicine has seen great advancements in recent decades. But, more and more people now understand that there was also great wisdom in the past. Our forbearers held knowledge passed down through the ages that science is now confirming as accurate. Recent studies have found value in many traditional medicinal techniques originating in the Old World.

The Mind/Body Connection

While it may have seemed like a concept reserved for hippies several years go, science now understands that the mind and body are linked much more closely than we previously imagined. The National Institute of Health’s magazine, Medline Plus, explains that up through the 1800s Western doctors did perceive a powerful mind/body connection. They often prescribed time at nature retreat spas and natural springs as medicinal treatments for patients in need of some emotional and physical rejuvenation.. They report that in just the past two decades, science has shown a clear connection between mental well-being and a plethora of physical ailments. And that mind/body therapies can be incredibly useful in treating several chronic conditions. Learning about your conditions is also an important part of health not many people think about. For instance, professionals, like those at Solutionreach, know that patient education is absolutely imperative. Taking the time to learn about your own health and well-being is where health starts.

Traditional Diets are Best

Today there is much talk about diet and health. Artificial, pre-packaged, processed, and fast foods are a very modern addition to the human diet. The traditional diet consisted of fresh (when available) and naturally preserved foods (such as salted meats and fruit/veg preserves). Diet was made up of whatever was available seasonally and locally. A traditional diet was typically quite diverse, though not always. It may be that certain groups adapted to the diet available to them, and that certain climates and lifestyles are well supported by the diet provided by nature specifically to that location. For example the Inuit diet is very high in animal fat and low in grains and vegetables. However, the diet that most scientists report as the most healthful is the Mediterranean diet. Due to the temperate climate of the Mediterranean, fertile soils, and abundant fishing, this region has has a lot to offer from nature. Data consistently shows that a diet rich in vegetables, fish, grains, and olive oil has a tremendously beneficial effect on the body, ultimately leading to life longevity.


Plants are Medicine

The ancients have always known that plants had the ability to heal and harm. The University of Minnesota discusses scientific evidence for ancient herbalist knowledge. The consensus seems to be that plants hold healing properties, just as we have almost always known. The consumer must always proceed with caution with the supplement industry. However, science is now able to show clear evidence for some plants promoted by traditional healers.

When looking for modern cures for age old human ailments, sometimes it’s wise to look to the past. For, after all, our ancestors had knowledge that carried us through to the modern age. It can’t do harm to look back at what they had to offer.

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