The ninth month is the last one in a pregnancy, but also the longest one, since you are barely waiting to give birth. You have been through a series of difficult moments and have proven a lot of strength. But after all, this is the month of the greatest effort. Anxiously waiting to see your baby, the fears towards giving birth, the nervousness and insomnias, the cramps and the baby’s movements may turn the ninth month into a real nightmare, while the last days will seem like never ending. However, when you get to hold your baby for the first time in your life, you will forget about all these unpleasant situations. The weight that hangs in the lower part of your belly signals the fact that your baby has reached to the basin. This discomfort takes most of the time, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

There are a multitude of health care tips for the ninth month pregnant moms, even if you feel like there are a thousand things you should still do. But in the end, you need to rest a little. The big day is slowly approaching, so recharge your batteries with energy and accumulate as many sleeping hours as you can. You will definitely miss them in the first months after giving birth. If you end up with back problems, you need a massage. Ask your partner or a professional to give you some massages every one in a while. He must concentrate on the lower part of your back. At the same time, a warm bath will also help you in the process. You should also massage your breasts everyday, only to maintain a good hydration before starting to nurse your baby. A lot of water is essential in the process, while your diet must consist of complete foods and plenty of fibers.

Concentrate on your diet mostly. It is very important to maintain a particular regularity of the intestinal transit before giving birth. After the big moment passes, the intestinal transit will automatically deteriorate due to the efforts you make for the expulsion. At the beginning of the ninth month, you must take a visit to your gynecologist. A vaginal exam will control the level of col dilation, which gives the doctor to chance to determine whether the birth is approaching or not. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the precise date.

The position of your baby will be determined at the last ecography and confirmed by feeling the belly. The same last visit will also determine the risks of a normal birth. There are cases when the specialist doctor might recommend the caesarian operation. Being unable to determine a precise date will have you caught unprepared and surprised. If you lose water, head to the nearest hospital within the first hour, without eating or drinking anything. You may take a shower, but not a bath. Other than that, if the membrane is not torn apart yet, it is recommended to reach to the hospital after two hours of painful contractions, which will usually occur at every five minutes if this is your first pregnancy.

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