HCG injections have few side effects. Here I listed top 7 side effects.

hcg injections side effects

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Infertility among women is usually caused by a constriction in the fallopian tubes. Stimulating egg cell production by HCG may lead to HCG injections side-effects such as fertilization and implantation of the embryo in the fallopian tubes. This can be managed by ruling out fallopian tube disorders before starting fertility treatment with HCG.

2. Multiple Pregnancy

The presence of triplets, twins and quadruplets may be HCG injection side-effects. The stimulation of the ovaries may be overly stimulated which can produce two or more egg cells at a time leading to multiple pregnancies as HCG injection side-effects. Prevention includes administration of HCG injection as per individual dosage to prevent hyper stimulation of the ovaries. Multiple pregnancies should also be detected early to prevent premature delivery and fetal distress.

3. Short Stature among adolescence

HCG injections when given among preadolescent individuals may lead to early closure of the epyphyseal plates which are responsible for the longitudinal growth of the bones. This eventually leads to HCG injection side-effects such as short stature or underdevelopment of the skeletal muscles. This can be managed through avoidance of using it in pre-adolescents.

4. Loss of appetite

HCG injection side-effects also include appetite loss. HCG is thought to act on the satiety center of the brain leading to early satiety and reduction in food intake as HCG injection side-effects. Loss of appetite may be managed through increasing the appeal of foods and eating small frequent meals.

5. Pregnancy symptoms

HCG is responsible for major symptoms of pregnancy during the first trimester such as morning sickness. Administering HCG injections may also lead to similar symptoms as HCG injections side-effects such as nausea, headache, water retention, breast tissue tenderness, irritability, and mood changes. Nausea and headache may be managed by not getting out of bed suddenly. Water retention may be prevented by preventing high salt diet to prevent further retention of water.

6. Early secondary sex characteristics development 

When HCG injections are given among pre-adolescents, it causes early puberty leading to deepening of voice, growth of axillary and pubic hair and increased oil formation as HCG injections side-effects. Prevent these HCG injection side-effects by limiting its use among teens.

7. Increased number of acne

HCG increases the production of oil by the sebaceous glands leading to acne formation. This HCG side-effect may affect the body image of the patient; however, it can be managed through various topical anti-inflammatory or anti-acne creams.

Despite these HCG injection side-effects, HCG is still beneficial in the treatment of infertility in women and in men. HCG injections should only be administered to legal indications. Use as a weight loss treatment and as an anabolic steroid enhancer is illegal and should not be practiced. The use of HCG injections should be monitored to prevent HCG injection side-effects.

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