Have A Cold 6 Ways A Hot Tub Can Help You Get Rid Of ItAre you aware that the most effective home treatment for combating a common cold is to simply relax in your very own hot tub? The instant you sense something beginning, get into your hot tub. Do this many times per day and you are sure to be surprised.

Below are 6 ways a hot tub can help you get rid of your cold.

Crank up the heat

Elevating your body temperature can help your body combat the quickly spreading cold virus. Turn up the hot tub heat to about 104 degrees.

Use your hot tub often

Every few hours go for twenty minute soaks and keep soaking until you begin to feel better. The idea here is to get your body temperature elevated and to keep it elevated so that you sweat.

Relieve Body Aches and Pains

When we are fighting a bug our bodies are inclined to hurt everywhere. Heat therapy can do miracles for getting rid of the aches and pains related to a cold.

Clears your Nasal Passages

Apply a tiny bit of salve under your nose. Between the salve and the steam from the hot tub your nasal passages will clear up so that you can breath easy.

Blow Your Nose

Specialists state that it is essential to blow your nose frequently when you have a cold. The heat from the hot tub will cause your nose to run so keep blowing.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sometimes it is hard to rest when you are ill because your body aches and you cannot breathe. When you soak in your hot tub you elevate the body’s temperature and when you get out of the hot tub your body’s temperature starts to decrease. The end result will cause you to become drowsy and you will rest well.

Make sure you continue to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water while you are unwell. Hot tubs can in fact dehydrate your body given that you perspire a lot. Be certain to consume lots of water or something with electrolytes in it before, during and after you soak; this will ensure that you maintain hydration and evade dehydration.

It will always be best if you only soak when your hot tub water is clean and particularly true when your defense system is low. Be sure to test your PH and chlorine levels, this will keep the water clean and healthy. There are lots of hot tubs to choose from if you don’t already have one. Visit http://www.bullfrogspas.com/ for inspiration.

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