Electronic cigarettes are considered to be the zeitgeist of modern smoking industry. Also known as ‘Vaping”, smoking electronic cigarettes was considered as a great alternative to tobacco smoking because, as it was believed, e-cigarettes do not contain hazardous amounts of tobacco and nicotine, and they also provide great flavors in style. But this notion is slowly being proved wrong. A new survey by Reuters has shown that use of electronic cigarettes is plummeting in the US because people do not consider e-cigarettes free of harm.

Around 9,766 people were surveyed in the study, out of which 10% use e-cigarettes. Last year, the amount of people vaping was almost the same. This shows that the trend of vaping is not increasing. Also, 47% of the sample space believed that vaping is not healthier as compared to conventional smoking. Last year, around 38% believed vaping as harmful.

43% of the surveyed people think that vaping cannot help in leaving the conventional tobacco smoking. More than 66% believe that vaping is addictive.

The study comes almost a month after the US authorities issued their first rules on the use and sale of e-cigarettes. The authorities banned promoting e cigarettes in public and to the minors. The sellers also need to have a permission to sell vaping devices. This shows that the US government essentially doesn’t make a different between normal tobacco smoking and vaping.

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