Health of an individual is considered to be the most precious wealth the human beings possess. A sound health along with his cheerful disposition is what determines the success of an individual. Human beings are not robots and we are bound to fall sick but the most important thing is how quickly and efficiently can we get rid of our sickness. There are two ways namely by having balanced tied and taking medicines on time.

Formulation Development

About Formulation Development

A blend of scientific knowledge, relevant experience along with creativity and flexibility are the ingredients required to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs. One has to make sure that the drugs are of the highest quality as someone’s life is at stake but at the same time we will have to make sure that the time taken and the manufacturing cost is also minimal. This is where pharmaceutical development expert team comes into play. They apply their experience and knowledge to find out solutions to unique problems. The team of experts works cohesively together to make the product better through a lot of research along with scientific and technical experiments.

Drug Development Process

The process begins with the study of how a particular substance can cause illness. The most important work involved in the creation of new medicines is to formulate its commercial, final form. Most of the drug development services know how to formulate and produce drugs which can be used for final consumption.

Drug development cost plays a significant role in the development stage. An ideal drug development center consists of analytical, manufacturing, packaging and research and developments laboratories accompanied by highly trained personnel that are highly trained in this field. It should also consist of all the latest technologies and inventions. All these things readily available will lead to lower production cost of the drugs.

The Xcelodose System

The technology helps to fill pharmaceutical ingredients into the capsules at the rate of hundreds of capsules per hour. In this highly specialized system, capsules can be used with substances alone. The technology contains a feature known as CFR 21 Part-11, software which is used to accurately measure the weight of each capsule.

Some features of Xcelodose system are discussed below:

MG2 Model Planeta50

It combines all normal size capsules, tablets, pellets etc.It is a combination of high and low speed. It automatically sorts weights and necessary adjustments also take place.


It automatically fills pellets,powders, and other combinations. It has the capacity to fill only 100 capsules. However, it has a capacity that can reach 25,000 cph.

Capsule cfs 1200

It can seala maximum of 1,200 capsules an hour. It has the capacity of sealing without branding. Its packets can handle liquids, semisolids, emulsions and suspensions too.It contains nitrogen which reduces oxidation.

Clinical Manufacturing

The clinical manufacturing includes the following items:

  • Tableting
  • Dry and Wet granulation
  • Open and blinded labeling and packaging
  • Beads and Tablets Coating
  • API directly fills onto the capsules using Xcelodose 600S and 600
  • A combination of granules, mixed combinations, powders and tablets.
  • Gliding and preparation blinding.

Generally firms which manufacture this type of this specialize on solid dosage of medicines which includes controlled and immediate release formulations. Most of the firms have a customer service process so they can interact and develop face to face relationships with their clients and also to find out the needs of the customers. The project development managers are highly experienced and they offer variety of fantastic facilities to their customers from quotes for service proposals and unique drug development remedies.These firms contain an advisory team along with a management team which can help them in scientific researches and business developments which in turn helps the organization to flourish as a whole.

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