You might have heard various “studies” and rumors suggesting that an occasional glass of wine actually helps avoiding heart diseases and improves your health overall. But a recent study has debunked this myth. This groundbreaking study was published by Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. The research took a deep look at a total of 87 studies and cases which suggested a positive correlation between moderate drinking and mortality. The results of this comprehensive research proved that most of these studies were unfounded or flawed.

According to Dr. Tim Stockwell, the lead researcher and director of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research in British Columbia, the key problem with the studies which suggested that moderate drinking is good for health is the definition of abstainers.

Most of the flawed studies have compared the current abstainers with moderate drinkers. And in most of the cases, abstainers are heavy drinkers in their past. They have poor health. Comparing them with moderate drinkers is a bad research strategy. This led to bad results.

The study also illustrates that the previous researches which were suggesting that moderate drinking is good for health used to base their figures on people who used to drink one or two glasses of wine a week. This quantity does not impact health in positive or negative way. So basing the results on these cases is foolhardy.

So you should better stay away from that occasional wine. Nothing beats good health. If you actually want a sound health and heart, start doing exercise and take the ideal diet.


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