Scientists may have finally found the complete reasons behind the type 1 Diabetes, one of the most widespread diseases around the world. According to a new study by the American Diabetes Association, the immune system starts destructing the beta cells. These beta cells are responsible for making insulin, a hormone necessary to keep the blood sugar levels in check.

 So far, numerous studies to specify the antibodies which are made in Diabetes patients’ bodies are carried out. The latest study identifies the last piece in the puzzle.

Dr Michael Christie, the lead researcher of this study, says that with this latest revelation, medical science has finally identified the five main areas targeted by the immune system.

There are Insulin, Glutamate decarboxylase, IA-2, Zinc transporter-8, the recently identified beta cells tetraspanin-7.

Type 1 Diabetes is mostly triggered in early life. Its main cause is the lack of production of insulin by Pancreas.

Doctors are hopeful that after the finalization of the areas targeted by the immune system, research could be made in the direction to stop the progression of type 1 Diabetes. Currently, a major study to stop the immune system from attacking the friendly areas is being done in King’s College London.

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