If you or someone you know is suffering from any vision problems, you know that this condition is deemed unfixable without surgery, wearing of correction glasses or contacts, or taking drugs. Knowing that nothing can be done to improve your health condition is a devastating thought, and this has been the case of every person coming out of the ophthalmology cabinet until now.

A Changing Paradigm

For the most part, it is believed that vision loss is irreversible but the off-road work and investigation of some holistic health improvement pioneers have changed that. Using simple and tested methods has led thousands of people to cure their eye problems and throw their glasses away without surgical intervention. People who want to see clearly again can take the first steps to regaining the bright and sharp vision to see the world clearly. Institutions such as the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision are taking a holistic approach to giving the tools and methods for improving nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, binocular vision problems, astigmatism, eye imbalances, poor night vision, eye strain, eye discomfort, computer-related diseases, and others.

Eye Exercises

Poor vision comes from the changing shape of the eye. Eye exercises, or visual training, is a way to tone the muscles in the eye so they can release stress and return the eyeball to its original shape. Wearing the corrective glasses or lens for a shorter part of the day and performing eye exercises without them trains the muscles of the eye so that it does not depend on the mechanical aid of the corrective lens.

Relaxing the Eyes

Almost all health problems have stress at their root. Eye problems are no exception. The work of eye health pioneers has led them to the fact that vision disturbances come from eye strain. The most effective method of relaxing the eyes is ‘palming’ or covering the closed eyes with the palms and crossing the fingers of one hand over the other on the forehead. This state of seeing only black and darkness relaxes the muscles of the eyes and gives the optical nerve the much-needed rest from overstrain with computer work, reading, or watching TV.

With some discipline and the concrete programs for vision loss, you can improve your eyesight and see the world clearly once again without corrective lenses. The length of time it will take to achieve this depends on the degree of vision loss and other factors, but results are sure to follow.

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