Five Things That Are Hiding In Your Home That Aren't HealthyYou may be an excellent housekeeper, priding yourself on your meticulous cleaning efforts and amazing system of organization. However, in spite of all of your efforts, there may be some unwanted surprises. Pay close attention to these five things that could be hiding in your home that aren’t healthy.

Faulty Pipes

If you own an older home, you may be dealing with old pipes as well. If you have galvanized pipes, they will corrode, slowly being eaten away over time and filling the pipe. If you find yourself dealing with poor drainage or backflow, the problem could originate in your pipes. The only way you’ll get to the root of the problem is to call a plumber. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with unhealthy germs that circulate in your air when the plumbing doesn’t work properly.

Watch Out for Asbestos

Years ago, asbestos was commonly used for insulation. However, researchers discovered that exposure can lead to a rare form of lung cancer. From floor tiles to ceiling tiles, it’s hard to say where asbestos might crop up. If you have any concerns, call a contractor who is licensed in asbestos removal to evaluate your home, have materials tested, and deal with proper clean up efforts.

Beware of Mold

When you think of mold, your basement is the first place that comes to mind. However, according to Ductz, a company that specializes in New Orleans Mold Remediation, mold can be a problem anywhere in your home where dampness accumulates. The bathroom is another culprit, as well as walls, carpets, and fabrics that have habitually become damp. Ductwork and vents for cooling systems are prone to mold. It’s important to locate an expert, like Schantz Home Improvement, to take a look at your roof, gutter, and windows to avoid a host of respiratory infections, asthma attacks, and damaged lungs that can result from mold.

Look Out for Lead Paint

Lead paint is another downfall in older homes. Houses built before the late 70’s may have paint that is loaded with lead. When it flakes away and is released in the air, it can cause serious physical problems, especially for children. It’s important to have lead paint removed.

Pay Attention to Outdated Electrical Wiring

If you’re home has old wiring, you have a potential fire hazard lurking in your walls. Contact an electrician to resolve the issue and keep your family safe.


Every home has some kind of skeleton hiding in the closet. Check for health hazards in your home to prevent illness and injury.

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