5 Simple Things Every Senior Should Be Doing To Stay Healthy

You begin to face new health challenges as you start to age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Seniors need to take an active role in staying healthy. This means making basic lifestyle changes that protect the health of your mind and body. The following are five tips to keep your health in the best shape during retirement years:

Eat Balanced Meals and Snacks

The first step is to eat balanced meals and snacks every day. This means including fresh fruits and vegetables with meals. Increase the amount of fiber you eat on a weekly basis. Focus on whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods with large amounts of sodium, sugar and preservatives as much as possible. This will contribute greatly to better health.

Remember Annual Dental Visits

The health of your mouth and teeth affect the overall health of your entire body. This is why it is important to remember to visit the dentist once a year for a checkup. A dentist will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Annual checkups and cleanings will prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in your mouth that could enter your blood stream and cause problems like heart disease.

Stay Active

You need to stay active as a senior in order to remain healthy. This means getting up and moving every day. An easy way to do this is to go to wellness and fitness classes where you can do a variety of exercises and activities with others. Some retirement communities offer these classes, making it easier for you to stay active. You should also try to walk and stand more during the day. Staying active is critical for good health at any age.

Socialize As Much As Possible

Your mental health is very important for your physical healthy. You should try to socialize as much as you can during the week. This could mean meeting with friends or calling family members. Socializing keeps your brain active and helps to fight off potential problems like depression. Happy senior housing at Sunshine Retirement is essential to your mental health. You can find many activities and wellness classes at retirement communities like this to stay social.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep Every Day

Your body uses the time when you are asleep to do many things like build new bone and muscle tissue. Your body also balances your hormones and enzymes during that time. You need to get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night in order to stay healthy as you age.

Your health relies on the decisions that you make every day. You need to choose to live a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activities and a good diet. Taking a few simple steps will allow you to stay healthy far into the future.

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