Five Reasons You May Need Help After a Personal InjuryUpon being the victim of a personal injury, you may find yourself unsure of what steps to take next. Should you work with the insurance companies? If the insurance company will not work with you, should you take the matter to court? The bottom line is that if you have incurred any kind of expenses as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you should fight for compensation. After all, there are many situations in which you may need financial help after a personal injury.

You Incurred Medical Expenses

After your injury, it is likely that you had to see a doctor or even be rushed to the hospital, depending on the severity. While your own medical insurance (if you have such coverage) may cover some of these expenses, you may still be left with hefty medical bills that you should not have to be responsible for.

You Lost Wages

If your injury was serious enough, you may have had to be hospitalized or may have been put on bed rest by a doctor until you had fully healed. In such a situation, you may have had to miss work and thus lost wages in the process. These are also expenses that the party who is at fault for the accident should be responsible for.

You Had to Hire a Nanny

If your injury prevented you from being able to care for your own family for any amount of time, you may have also had to hire childcare services. If this is the case, you should also be entitled to compensation for these services, as your injury rendered you unable to properly care for your children.

You Had Property Damaged

If personal property was damaged or destroyed during the accident, then you should also be entitled to compensation for repairing or replacing any of the property that your own insurance did not cover. This will require you to take the manner to court with lawyers in Newfoundland, such as Gittens & Associates.

You Experienced Pain & Suffering

In cases of particularly traumatizing accidents, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. The amount you may be able to sue for will vary depending on your situation, and a lawyer may be needed to determine a reasonable amount to pursue.


There are many ways in which you may need help following a personal injury, both in terms of finances and legal assistance. Be sure to keep these possibilities in mind as to determine what to do next in your injury case.

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