Bacterial infestations are an imminent public threat, but most people are blissfully unaware of the looming dangers. Some locations are inherently filthier than others, and the places that are dirtiest may surprise you. This list details five unexpected areas that are prone to extreme germ contaminations.


College Campuses



Universities facilitate some of the grimiest spaces imaginable. The massive amount of people sharing a college campus generates a much wider germ pool than most other places. In fact, meningitis spreads faster on the grounds of a higher education school that almost anywhere else. There is also a vast increase in the potential for catching common colds and flus. College dorms are the worst perpetrators of germ harboring. These public domicilies showcase terrifyingly low standards of collective hygiene.


Public Libraries



Because these government owned facilities are free for general admission, they end up hosting a frequent population of homeless people and vagrants, especially in urban settings. Residue from every reader remains in the oils of the books and movies that are repeatedly checked out and returned. Disinfectant sanitizer is plentifully provided at these locations, and it is with good reason. Heavy traffic leads to a breeding ground for bacteria. Children are also constantly present in these places, and they have a propensity to wipe their germy hands on everything.





Elevators are unique because of their densely compacted structures. Because they are typically in continuous motion for the entire business day, they are rarely cleaned until operations have ended. The floor selection buttons are covered in the germs of almost every single occupant. A feverish cough will leave invisible residue for every passenger to inhale. Obviously, the danger is further compacted in elevators on college campuses or public libraries.


Public Computer Labs



Media centers are downright dirty. In the same way as elevator buttons, the shared keyboards are full of other peoples’ hand bacteria. Rows of computer typing without proper ventilation can result in germs that attack basic respiratory functions. This is where several diseases spread.


Beverage Machines at Fast Food Restaurants



This is the most disturbing entry on the list. Several reputable media outlets have confirmed that the ice cubes in fast food drinks are more unsanitary than toilet water. It is now undeniable that every beverage served with ice at one of these facilities will contain harmful microbes and amoeba. This presents a new health epidemic that has yet to be addressed. To get a firsthand look at this disgusting revelation, find microscopes online now.

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