Five Home Remedies to Keep Your Dog HealthyThere is little doubt that dogs are truly man’s best friend. This is why it is important for pet owners to learn a few basic remedies that will help to keep their pet dog healthy and feeling good.

Because such measures can go a long way towards improving your pet dog’s health. But, you might be wondering which home remedies are the best for ensuring your dogs overall health and well being?

Don’t worry, here are the five of the best remedies you can use to keep your dog healthy.

1. Keeping Intestinal Worms At Bay

From tape worms to hookworms, the impact worms can have on a dog’s health is pretty significant. According to Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic, not only can worms rob the dog’s body of important nutrients, in some cases they can do significant damage and even cause a dog to die. One way to send worms packing is by feeding your dog food grade diatomaceous earth. On top of deworming medication, using diatomaceous earth can really make life rough for worms. Diatomaceous earth is composed of particulates that to us just look like dust. But, under a microscope the particulates look like as if they have sharp dangerous edges. When a dog consumes diatomaceous earth, These particulates tend to slice and dice their way through the worms that reside in the dog’s intestines. This helps to make the intestines inhospitable for these little invaders.

2. Iron And Hookworms

Because of the way hook worms latch on to a dog’s intestines and cause them to bleed, it is imperative to give a dog iron to help combat the onset of anemia while attempting to get rid of these horrible intestinal parasites. If one keeps Flinstones chewable vitamins around, just make sure you give your dog the one with iron in it, once a day. In the meantime, it is also important to avoid feeding your pet dog garlic or any other food or food additive that can tend to act as an anticoagulant and increase the rate of blood being lost in a hookworm infestation.

3. Probiotics

Like humans, dogs can also benefit greatly from a regular dose of probiotics. Probiotics help to improve digestion and calm digestive distress. Probiotics are also critical to rebuilding the dog’s immune system, if it has been severely compromised. Even if a dog has any type of infection, the use of probiotics can help to fight such infections off and lessen their severity. Probiotics are also able to help decrease the severity of a dog’s allergies as well.

4. Ear Infections

Everyone knows that yeasty smell and black or brownish colored goo that forms inside a dog’s ear when an ear infection is starting to take hold. Fortunately, even if you do not have enough money to take your dog to the vet, you can usually get rid of this type of ear infection quickly and cheaply. First clean out the ear with a Q-tip, gently getting as much of the yeasty smelling goo out of the ear and even out of the ear canal as possible. Be extremely gentle when moving the Q-tip down into the dog’s ear canal, because the ear canal is likely going to be inflamed and sensitive. Next, put some Neosporin down into the dog’s ear and gently use another q-tip to get it down into the ear canal. Then gently rub the flap of the ear over the ear hole to ensure that the Neosporin is well distributed inside the ear. The dog will inevitably shake its head once you are done. Repeat this process twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening, until you no longer see any black or brownish ear discharge. This usually takes about a week to ten days to clear up.

5. Motion sickness In Dogs

Some dogs just do not ride well in a car. Sure they are happy to jump into the car to go for a ride, but before long they get motion sickness and vomit in the seat or floorboard of the vehicle. Some dogs will out grow this condition over time. But, other dogs never really seem to out grow it. One remedy that is known to usually work to prevent a dog from getting car sick is to give the dog a little ginger before letting them into your car. This can help to settle their stomach and keep them from vomiting while the car is in motion.

There are many great home remedies that can help to keep your dog healthy and happy. Sometimes all it takes is a little research to learn about them. In addition, when you find a remedy that works, it is often cheaper than going out and buying some expensive medication. In many cases, home remedies are often safer than using drugs to resolve a health issue your dog is experiencing. Which can be a huge plus–especially if you are not a big fan of pumping your dog full of all kinds of pills and chemicals.

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