Who doesn’t love cold beer after a hectic day. Beer is perhaps the single most consumed drink around the world. But unfortunately, medical science has unequivocally proved that beer is bad for your health. A regular beer can has 140 to 200 calories. It causes a surge in blood sugar, fat accumulation, gluten increase and whatnot. But hey, this post is not to repeat the same old platitudes against your favorite drink. In fact, I have a good news for you.

A famous UK-based nutrition store, Muscle Food, has announced that it has successfully made the world’s first low-carb, high-nutrition beer. This claim has made the world go haywire because the need for such a beer was felt since ages.

The low-carb beer is named as “Barbell Brew.” It has 85 percent less carbohydrates as compared to the regular beer. It has no less than 21.8g of proteins, which is 95 percent more than that in the normal beer.

Barbell Brew has only 92 calories. Initial reviews suggest that this beer tastes almost like the normal beer. Barbell’s six pack costs around $23. Yes, it is expensive as compared to the normal beer but I guess the low carbs and high proteins in it are enough to make this beer worthy of your bucks.

This is a dream come true! Finally, you can enjoy your beer in peace without dreading the ill effects.



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