Eye Care Made Easy, Should You Wear Contacts or Glasses

Good vision is easily taken for granted. Eyes generally require very little maintenance, but when seeing becomes a challenge, it is time to get some corrective lenses or contacts. Eyeglasses and contacts both have their pros and cons. Here are some points to consider when deciding between them.

Ease of Use

Eyeglasses are very simple in that they are just put on and taken off as needed. However, the lenses will likely need cleaning a few times a day. This becomes even more of an issue if someone is sweating a lot. Contacts, however, do not need to be cleaned during the day but do require nightly cleaning. Once the initial fear of placing them in the eye and taking them out has been overcome, they are as easy as eyeglasses to use.

Vision Clarity

Contacts win this one, as the lens molds itself to the shape of the eye. This allows for clear vision across all visual areas including peripheral vision. Eyeglasses must conform to some degree to the frames they are fitted in. Being that the lens cannot be an equal distance from the eye all the way across the lens, glasses sometimes compromise peripheral vision.


Eyeglasses win this one hands down due to the fact that eye exams for glasses are almost always cheaper than exams for contacts. This is due to fact that contact lenses are classified as a “medical device”. As such, there are many more measurements and data that are required to produce a contact lens prescription than an eyeglass prescription.

Aside from the exam, the average yearly contact lens costs between $170 and $400 a year without insurance. Compared to an online discount eyeglass shop like Marvel Optics, contacts are quite expensive. Discount retailers can typically provide a price of around $100 for a pair of glasses that includes features like progressive lenses, scratch resistances, and so forth.


This is mostly a matter of taste. While there are eyeglasses in almost every size, shape, and material, some still like the non-glasses look. For those who feel eyeglasses can enhance a wearer’s appearance, they will have endless options to get the perfect frames from modern geek to classic chic.

As they are one of the few objects worn on the face, eyeglasses can make a big statement. For the price, they are a great value and provide both flair and functionality.

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