Breaking free from the bonds of substance abuse is no easy task. Many addicts will find themselves going through the cycle of quitting, withdrawal symptoms, and then delving back into substance abuse worse than ever. For those that are serious about ending this cycle, it is time to take a look at a professional substance abuse recovery program that provides ongoing support for long-term changes.

Decide to Make a Big Change

Many people that wish to stop drinking or abusing drugs are not committed to making a serious change in their life. Changes do not happen overnight, and it is important for these people to get serious about the slow and gradual process of recovery. When addicts finally accept that the path will be both long and difficult, then they will be ready to make changes in their life.

Write Down What Substance Abuse Has Cost You

One of the most profound ways to start this journey is to create a list of everything that substance abuse has cost you over the years. This is the time to really take a look at your past and look at how things would have been different without drugs or alcohol in your life. Perhaps your driving privileges were compromised after you were caught operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A specialist from Suhre & Associates says this can happen if you have consumed drugs or alcohol in a quantity that adversely affected your mental processes before driving. This, for obvious reasons, can negatively affect the life of an addict. As you are making this list, try to get as specific as possible and remember certain events that were negatively influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Create a Healthy Environment

Living in an environment that is filled with temptation will make this process exponentially more difficult. If you are still hanging out with friends that are abusing substances or in a home filled with alcohol, then you are essentially setting yourself up for a relapse. Speak with family and friends about keeping those temptations as far away as possible and then transform your home into a safe haven.

Find a Program That Is a Good Fit

There are quite a few options when it comes to professional treatment programs. For many, this will begin with a short detox period followed by an inpatient program. Others opt for an intensive outpatient program so that they can continue to work or raise a child. You should take some time to find out which of these options will suit your own lifestyle and which will help you create real changes in your life. For many, the best option is to carry out an inpatient program followed by an outpatient support group.

Finally, those with a severe addiction should always speak with an addiction or rehab specialist to get a better understanding of what they will experience in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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