Being a college student is very exciting as you have a lot on your plate like preparing for quizzes and exams, hanging out with friends, working on science projects, and practicing for extracurricular activities. All these activities make college both fun and effort at the same time. Researches have shown that it is necessary eating something while studying as it keeps your brain busy in processing lots of information which enervates a great amount of your energy. Being a college student, you scarcely have time to cook anything. But, at the same time one has to eat no matter what. Keeping in view this problem of college students we have compiled a list of easy to make recipes for college students, which will not only satisfy your cravings for food but also gives you vital nutrients to keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

Easy Breakfast Recipes for College Students

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides you with the vital energy needed during the long college hours. Following recipes take a few minutes of your time and provides you with a healthy breakfast.

Peanut Butter and Banana with Toast

This non cooked and easy to make recipe needs just two minutes of your time to get it prepared. Toast bread slices in toaster, spread some butter and peanut butter on the toast, peel and slice banana into small pieces and place it on the toast.  You can always add some honey and Nutella to add more taste to this healthy and easy breakfast recipe.

recipe  1

Eggs and Toast

When it comes to breakfast most of the people like to have the classic breakfast of eggs and toast. If you are one of them, we have this easy and quick way by which you can easily make it. Spread a small amount of oil on the medium hot frying pan placed on the stove. Crack the egg and put it directly on the frying pan. Cook it for 2-3 minutes and make sure the egg is properly cooked. Toast the bread slices, spread some butter on it and you’ll have your breakfast ready in just 5 minutes.

recipe 2

Fruits and Yogurt

For fruit lovers, fruit and yogurt is an ideal breakfast. Take fruits of your choice like banana, apples, peaches, grapes, dates, strawberry, mangoes, dry fruits etc. Peel and cut them in small slices. Put the fruits in a bowl, sprinkle some sugar on it, add yogurt and mix it with a spoon, your breakfast is ready.

recipe 3

Easy Lunch Recipes for College Students

As the day passes and you get tired from the intense mental exertion from morning till afternoon, craving for lunch starting to get intense. Lunch is necessary to keep your concentration level up. Try these easy lunch recipe to soothe your hunger with a healthy appetite in just few minutes.

Chicken and Vegetable Wraps

Chicken and Vegetable Wraps are economical, easy to make and convenient to carry with you to library or classrooms. Take some vegetables of your choice, boiled chicken and a medium spinach wrap. Cut the vegetables into small pieces, and spread some ketchup, chili sauce and mayonnaise on the spinach wrap according to your taste. Spread the vegetables and chicken on the wrap, roll it and enjoy your delicious lunch.

recipe 4

Club Sandwich

Club sandwich has every ingredient in it to keep you active till the dinner. It is rich with eggs, meat and vegetables which makes it a perfect combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Toast bread slices, spread mayonnaise and Cabbage on one side of each slice. Add pieces of boiled egg, vegetables like avocado, onions and tomato on the other side of the slide of second slide. Spread ketchup or chili sauce on the third slice and place it on the top, your club sandwich is ready to serve.

recipe 5

Easy Dinner Recipes for College Students

When you get tired of a long day and come back from college with an empty stomach, it’s certainly dinner time. But you don’t want to put lots of efforts in making dinner as you are already very tired. Following list introduces you with easy to make dinner recipes which not only satisfy your hunger but also give you a balanced diet.

Fried Vegetables with Rice

‘Fried vegetables with rice’ is an easy to make and delicious option for your dinner. In order to make it you need to boil rice and fry vegetables with the spices of your choice to make the gravy. Cover the frying pan and let the vegetables cook in steam for 10 minutes. If you are meat lover, you can also add meat in the mixture of vegetables and stir it with a spoon twice or thrice. Spread the rice in a bowl and serve it with your delicious and spicy gravy.

recipe 6

Dragon Noodles

When it comes to dinner, dragon noodles is a choice of a majority of students as it is easy to make and full of flavor. Here is how to make it. Boil the water and add noodles to it. Let the noodles boil for 7-10 minutes. Meanwhile you get your hands at the sauce preparation.  Take small amount of soy sauce and add some brown sugar, hot sauce and stir them together for a while. Take a frying pan and pour some butter into it and fry an egg. Take out the boiled noodles from the water and put it in the frying pan containing fried egg and stir it. Add your sauce into it. Stir the mixture gently with a wooden spoon and let it cook for a while. Pour the noodles in a bowl and sprinkle some black pepper and green onion on the top. Your delicious noodles are ready to serve.

recipe 7

Every time students sit for studying hunger strikes them and it’s something natural. The more effort you put in your studies the more tired you get and want something to eat. With the above stated ‘easy recipes for college students’ you will never be anxious about cooking and get bothered by hunger. Try these recipes and say goodbye to hunger and lethargy.

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