The human body is complex in its own functions because after prolonged periods of being inactive, basic functions are forgotten. This is the reason why bed ridden patients are frequently taken out on walks to remind the body that it stills needs this function. When someone has been inactive for a long time, the muscles will become rigid and will not be able to move at will.

Adults undergoing this kind of experience are often faced with frustration because they want to do some things but the connection between the brain and the muscles is not there. After someone has been through an accident, the healing process that follows will depend on the extent of the injury suffered. Physical therapy is the science that deals with restoring body functions that have been compromised by inactivity and is therefore a necessary part of getting well:

1. Motor vehicle accidents that are termed as fatal usually leave the survivors in critical condition. Such people are immobilized for months because of such reasons as broken bones and spinal cord injuries. This creates a state where all body muscles responsible for movements are rendered dormant for months and it is not easy getting them to work again. The process is usually very painful and frustrating. A physical therapy is trained to deal with peoples’ emotions of despair and they are patient enough to celebrate small strides of achievement in an individual. With the help of physical therapy, broken bones are put into use again after an accident and dislocated joints are trained in movement again after injury.

2. A stroke will affect one half of an individual’s body causing paralysis on one side. This means that one foot and one arm are no longer able to function as they used to. A feeling of weakness is often reported in the muscles and they are therefore unable to hold any weight or strain. Effective stroke recovery requires professional help and this is what physical therapists do. With a planned regime of treatment and retraining, an individual can reclaim function in the hand and foot enough to manage daily functions.

3. There are some operations that are necessary to cure certain ailments and this cannot be avoided. While the operation solves a problem in the body, the patient may be in too much pain that affects mobility. Physical therapy is necessary after recovery to assist such a person in rebuilding the muscles they need for everyday functions.

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