What You Didn't Know A Lawyer Could Help You WithYou can’t do everything on your own in life. In certain cases, you need help. Sometimes this includes the assistance of an attorney. There are many things you may not have guessed would require a lawyer’s expertise. Below are four things you may have not known a lawyer can help you with.

Creating a Corporation

What you may not know is that nearly anyone can start a corporation. However, it isn’t wise to create one on your own. It requires creating detailed plans, determining who will be on the board of directors, drafting by-laws, submitting your articles of incorporation to your state government and more. A lawyer can help you along each step of this process to make sure no serious mistakes have been made and you will be able to successfully profit from your new corporation.

Determining Paternity

In some cases, the identity of one of a child’s parents may not be known. If you want to find out who the true father of a baby is, you thankfully don’t have to be a guest on the Maury Show. A lawyer can file a petition to a court to make sure a paternity test is actually administered. There’s no reason for a child’s paternity to be a mystery.

Injuries on Your Own Property

When most people think of personal injury lawsuits, they tend to think of injuries that occurred at work, on public road ways or on a business’s property. However, according to Cummings Andrews Mackay LLP., Red Deer injury lawyers, many successful personal injury lawsuits were the result of accidents that occurred on the plaintiff’s own property. For example, if a ladder you set up breaks while you were trying to access your roof, the ladder’s manufacturer could be held liable.

Being Fired

While it is true employers can fire you from a job for many reasons, there are certain things they cannot do under the law. If you have any suspicions that you were fired because of your race, ethnicity, skin color, sex, religion or sexual orientation, you may have a case to make in a wrongful termination lawsuit. If you were fired for whistle blowing, you may also have a case.


Overall, there are many facets of life in which the law may become involved. If this is the case, the assistance of a seasoned attorney may be able to help you. Sometimes it’s best not to try to solve legal problems on your own.

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