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Your child is crying uncontrollably and they have obviously gotten sick or sustained an injury. Where should you go? Many people opt for the emergency room, no matter how minor the illness or injury is, and in turn, they wind up wasting lots of money on immediate healthcare for non-life-threatening conditions. These are six times in which it’s a good idea to take your child to urgent care.

1 Minor Burns

Minor burns can easily be treated with urgent care as well. A minor burn is often also referred to as a first degree burn. This type of burn is often caused by too much sun or sudden heat touching the skin. The skin is generally red in color and dry to the touch. If the burn is not anymore severe than a minor burn, it’s a good idea to take the child to an urgent care center.

2 The Common Cold

The common cold is not a life-threatening condition either. The common cold typically comes with symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, itchiness of the eyes, sore throat, and more. In some cases, a common cold can be treated at home. However, for more severe cases, treatment is better left in the hands of urgent care specialists.

3 Ear Infection

If your child is complaining of an ear infection, the urgent care is the best place to get quick, service. They can provide you with antibiotics and pain relief for your child.

4  Fever

Because fever is a symptom for so many different kinds of illnesses and ailments, it’s a good idea to take your child to urgent care before anywhere else when seeking treatment. In most cases, fever is a by-product of a minor illness. If necessary, they can prescribe antibiotics.

5 Sprains and Broken Bones

If the sprain or break is not bad, a trip to the urgent care is better than the ER. They can typically X-Ray and set the injury in the office. You won’t have to wait as long and your child won’t be in pain as long.

If you can’t get to a primary care physician, and the situation is not an emergency, go to the urgent care.

Information credited to Clovis Urgent Care Medical Center Physicals.

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