Local, state and federal governments routinely crack down on drug use, import and sales. Despite the abundance of regulations in place to prevent drug production and trafficking, substance abuse is still prevalent in the United States. There are several reasons for these strict policies regarding the use of drugs, foremost among them is the fact that drug overdose has been the leading cause of injury death to US citizens age 25 to 64 for several years. Though there are countless substances subject to government regulation, these are four of the most heavily controlled substances in the United States:


Now, many may think it strange that Marijuana is so heavily controlled in some states and legal for medical use in others. In many places, one can face decades of imprisonment for the possession or distribution of marijuana. Even in states where marijuana use is legal, there are still several regulations one must abide by if choosing to use or possess this substance. Tim McMurtry, a drug crime defense attorney, says that oftentimes those who believe they are within the law in their possession of marijuana are often doing so illegally, with an expired prescription or an amount exceeding what is allowed.


This is popularly perceived as the party drug of choice for the wealthy—it isn’t rare to hear of celebrities being busted for cocaine use and possession. The legal penalties are harshest on cocaine dealers and importers, with most of the manufacturing done outside the United States. While cocaine is not as popular as it once was, having been replaced in many areas by methamphetamine use, the federal government still works diligently to keep it out of the country and off the streets.

 Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is extremely common and is a growing problem in the United States. Prescription drug abusers who cannot find a doctor willing to prescribe the substance they are addicted to to will commonly resort to theft of others’ prescription medications. Because prescription drugs are legal (with a prescription and only by the patient they’re prescribed to) it is difficult for the federal government to track down users and find evidence of abuse. Still, if caught abusing these, the penalties for prescription drug abuse are severe. A legal representative from the Law Office of Eric Harron recommends seeking legal counsel immediately if you are accused of prescription drug abuse, as these accusations can be inaccurate if you possess a valid prescription and are using the drug according to your doctor’s instructions.


Methamphetamine is, by far, the scariest drug on this list. With methamphetamine, an addict can ruin his or her life within a few months. A highly addictive and toxic stimulant, methamphetamine is heavily controlled, its production monitored constantly by the DEA, and is illegal to possess or use for any reason across the country. Because crystal methamphetamine is relatively easy and inexpensive to manufacture, it has become very popular and common throughout the last decade.





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