In 2013, Tadd Davis got a subtle warning from his doctor. Davis was constantly gaining weight and was on the verge of becoming a diabetic. Already weighing 332 lbs, Davis had no spark in life. He used to work at a grocery store. He used to eat freshly baked donuts in breakfast, pizzas in the lunch and similar type of junk in the evening because all of this was available easily and he was too lazy to make an effort to prepare clean food.

But Davis decided to turn the tide in Spring 2014 after someone he knew lost weight within weeks of effort and hard work. Davis decided that he couldn’t go on like that in his life. He decided to start from assessing what he put in his body. He started reading the incidents, counting calories and finding alternatives to abate his cravings.

Davis started eating almonds, fresh salads, grass fed beef, fruit, juices.

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After throwing off a few pounds, Davis, who had hitherto been living a sedentary life and never bothered to go out for walks, decided to start going out for light walks on the roads. Soon, he was motivated enough to join a local gym. Davis started “strolling” on the treadmill. After a few months, he started light weight-lifting.

This was enough to give that initial push. The results were coming quickly.

Davis was slow, but remarkably steady. He didn’t took any overnight, radical decision to change his habits once and for all. Instead, he gamified his journey and slowly increased the level of effort and work out. He was mixing things up slowly.

Today, Davis weighs 178lbs. He has run one 10k and two 5k marathons. Davis says that today, at the age of 40, he feels himself to be in the best shape of his life.

Motivation along with smart planning and psychological tactics to kill the cravings for junk are the key factors in getting fit and losing weight. This is what Davis adapted and changed his life in less than a year.

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