contacts for your health 5 ways they can potentially improveMany people wear contacts for cosmetic reasons because they’re tired of wearing regular glasses. Contacts are usually viewed as a convenient more alternative to traditional glasses. Contacts can benefit a person’s health in several ways as well. Here are five ways contacts can potentially improve your health.


Since the beginning of time pricking your finger with a needle has been the primary way of measuring blood sugar levels for Diabetics. Not only is it annoying, but it is a consistent cost over time to purchase the testing strips used. Google has developed a contact lens that measures your blood glucose level through your natural tears once every second. The microchip inside the lens is so small that it doesn’t affect your vision at all. Imagine automatic and consistent monitoring of your health with the blink of an eye.

Self Esteem

In children, teasing is common for those who wear glasses. If a person requires glasses, they may be ridiculed or ostracized for wearing them if they aren’t confident. Individuals who have experienced teasing may feel more confident when they are able to wear contacts. Better self-esteem and academic performance may be improved in children who wear contact lenses.


Allergy and birth control medications as well as chronic illnesses like diabetes make a person more susceptible to dry eyes. Soft lenses improve moisture and eye health by preventing the eye from drying. Individuals who have issues with their vision health and are dealing with dry eyes often see benefits in wearing contacts. The porous material balances moisture levels.

Sports and athletic performance

One of the biggest challenges to some who play sports is the need for glasses. The safety glasses may be uncomfortable to wear. Regular glasses that are too flimsy can be easily damaged and can partially interfere with one’s peripheral vision. With contact lenses, participating in physical sports activities are much easier and rewarding. Children who participate in sports like soccer or basketball have improved peripheral vision, improving their accuracy in movement, reaction time to events, and decision making processes.


Safety is another major area in which contact lenses are helpful. A person who works outdoors in sunlight can wear contact lenses and UV-blocking sunglasses to protect their eyes during long work days. In fact, some individuals can opt for the UV protection contact lenses and pair them with sunglasses for additional safety. Contact lenses and a pair of safety glasses work together better in hazardous, industrial environments where dust is prevalent.

Contact lenses are usually chosen for cosmetic reasons. A person can have better self-esteem and improved confidence when wearing them. In addition to cosmetic reasons, contact lenses have several additional benefits. Safer recreational experiences and working conditions have both been tied to wearing contact lenses. Lenses that improve moisture balance are a perfect fit for those with conditions like Sjorgen’s disease or allergies. Active individuals who may participate in contact and other sports can enhance their athletic performance in multiple areas when wearing contacts. Contact lenses are good for one’s health in multiple ways.

Informational credit to Eyeconx, a Calgary optometry clinic.

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