Those who have been told by their optometrists that they need to wear corrective lenses may have difficulty knowing if they should choose traditional glasses or contact lenses. The initial thought is often that contact lenses are better for younger people who do not want the negative look that comes from wearing glasses and that glasses are for older individuals. However, this is not always the case because individuals in their 20s and 30s are increasingly turning to glasses for the studious look that they give. Here is a brief guide for knowing which option is best for most individuals based on overall eye health and preference.


Contact Lenses Benefits

The most obvious benefit of contact lenses is that no one will know that the individual is wearing them. They make it easy to wear sunglasses, never fog up in the cold or humidity and create problem-free showers and beach days. As far as eye health goes, contact lenses are preferred by those who are looking to improve their peripheral vision. In addition, some contacts can actually improve the eyesight while one sleeps by reshaping the cornea of the eye thereby eliminating the need for corrective lenses the next day.


Glasses Benefits

Glasses are good for people who do not like to have their fingers close to their eyes and who like to make fashion statements with their frames. Glasses can minimally protect the eyes from the wind and from dust that could get into them. Glasses may be best for individuals who have severe astigmatism because it can be difficult for contact lenses to correct this problem. Finally, glasses decrease the risk of eye infection as well as of dry eye by keeping irritants away from the eye’s protective layer.


Check With An Eye Doctor

The best way to know which type of corrective lens is right for an individual is by consulting with an eye professional, like those at All About Eyes. This doctor will be able to see exactly what is wrong with the eyes and will know how much correction is needed. Sometimes, the doctor will leave the final decision up to the individual.


Both contact lenses and eyeglasses have their benefits. In fact, some people may wish to switch between the two types of lenses for different occasions. Wearing glasses can give one’s eyes a break from irritants, and wearing contact lenses can be good for special occasions or for days at the beach.

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