Does one forgetful moment make you wonder if one lapse of memory will lead to more? Do you feel that you’re not as quick-thinking as you once were? While there’s probably no need to panic if you forget things once in a while, there’s no harm in taking steps to improve your cognitive health. The following 5 suggestions can serve as a starting point for boosting your brain power.


Eating Habits

Adding brain-boosting foods to your diet can help you stay sharp. At you can find a list of 20 foods that can help nurture your brain. In addition to eating the proper foods, research shows that eating breakfast improves cognitive skills. You can check out the information at for a more detailed explanation of how important breakfast is to your concentration and mental sharpness.


Create Challenges For Your Brain

Going through each day doing the same thing over and over doesn’t challenge your brain. Challenges exercise your brain. Pursuing an online degree such as an electrical engineering masters or some other type of graduate degree would be mentally challenging. Taking classes at a technical college or enrolling in a craft class would also challenge your brain.


Create Change

When you’re stuck in a rut, your brain can take a vacation. Create change by taking a different route to work. Switch up your leisure time activities. Go through the grocery store without looking at your list. Test your memory before leaving the store. Use your non-dominant hand when performing daily tasks. Listen to different music or maybe even read a different type of book.


Walk the Dog

Dogs like to stop and observe their surroundings when they’re on a walk. You can do the same while creating a memory game. Take notice of signs you pass while walking. When you get home, write down a phone number you remember from one or more signs. Do this often and watch your memory improve.



Sleep deprivation adversely affects your thinking. Maintaining a schedule that allows you to get the proper amount of sleep is essential to good brain health. Guard your sleep time as you would protect a treasure because that’s precisely what it is.


Take time each day to engage in activities that sharpen your brain. Accept mental challenges that will expand your thought process. Make memory games and brain challenging games a daily activity so that your retention of details increases and your knowledge expands.

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