Homeopathy was somewhat unfairly once considered a career path for those who did not perform as well as expected at med school. The field of alternative medicine has become more mainstream in recent years however, and homeopathic techniques are now being routinely used alongside conventional medical practice to assist the sick.

Should you consider homeopathy as a career with the option of working within a homeopathic practice, or perhaps starting out on your own?

Starting Out

Perhaps you have had a firsthand experience or know of someone who has benefited from homeopathic treatment, or as has been the case for a number of people, you have had a professional career in another field and are looking for a change in direction or to extend your working life beyond the existing career limits you currently work under.


To achieve professional status and recognition as a fully trained homeopathic doctor is the same level of attainment as obtaining a first degree.  A lot of courses are run on a part time basis with flexible part time attendance required several times a month together with distance learning. Following this route will take about three or four years to achieve a qualified status, which means that you learn around your existing career without having to lose any income.

Recognised Courses

There are a number of courses that you can attend or complete in your own time and you should check whether the provider that you have chosen has a recognised accreditation and that they can demonstrate the appropriate resources needed to train you such as facilities, staffing and educational qualifications.

Benefits of Homeopathy

If you are considering a career in homeopathy then a clear understanding of the perceived benefits that you are offering your clients is of great importance. The fundamental point s of note about homeopathic remedies are that they are generally considered to be safe treatments when compared to conventional medicines and a distinct advantage if you are going to be running a practice, the cost of treatment is normally far less than comparable drugs .


The basic mantra that summarises what homeopathy is all about is that it considers the complaints of a patient in totality. This means that they are viewed in terms of their overall health position and as a complete entity, so the treatment offered is in consideration of their entire wellbeing rather than just a specific ailment. This means that the patient is provided with a treatment designed not just to help with their specific complaint but also to redress any in-balance overall, which means that they are likely to get great value for their money when coming to you!

Career Options

There are a number of options available to get your career started and because of this flexibility, it is a realistic goal to build and develop a career together with a subsequent income stream as a homeopathic doctor whilst continuing in your current job. You could even operate on a part-time basis and still be a respected practitioner if that is what you prefer to do and it suits your current lifestyle.

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Guest post contributed by Sarah Rawson. She is currently tutoring for various Online Masters Public Health programs. Sarah is also a freelance writer and her articles mainly appear on higher education blogs.

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