Broken Bones How to Take Care of your Body After a Serious Trauma

No matter the severity of your injury, receiving prompt and empathetic care is critical to your healing process. Whether you need a brace, a splint, a cast or a scalpel, working with a physician who understands what your physical condition was and what you plan to return to is of critical importance.

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of your broken bone, treatment need not be invasive. Careful review of your diagnostic films (whether x-ray or MRI) will help the professionals at Tadje Orthopaedic, an orthopaedic clinic in Boise establish a treatment plan around your injury and help you get back into your daily activities. Prompt treatment, inflammation reduction and care of any skin break (whether surgical or injury related) are of critical importance early in your treatment. This may mean antibiotics or other medications, which need to be taken to completion as ordered.

Owning Your Injury
If you enjoy athletic activities, you are well aware of how your body felt before the injury. You are also in the habit of pushing your body to increase your capabilities. Now is the time to truly listen to your body, as it will tell you what it can tolerate and how the healing process is going. Your body speaks in several languages; the ones you need to listen to now are “pain” and “inflammation” as they will probably be the loudest. Both of these conditions can flare up months after a broken bone is healed. For adults, broken bones leave a callous on the break site, caused by calcium build-up around the bone fracture. It is particularly important that adults follow any restrictions placed upon them as this callous heals. Extreme pressure on a new callous will cause it to shatter. This leaves you with a new break and bone shards contaminating your old injury. Give yourself time to heal!

The Bionic Woman or Man
If your injury required hardware (screws, plates, or bone replacement implants) consider yourself blessed! You have had repair work done that might not have been available only a few years ago. What for you is a treatable injury could have been a life-altering event in the past. That being said, certain aspects of your life may change. You may well get a lot of attention at the airport. Courthouses and other civic buildings could prove challenging as well. Pay special attention to your newly repaired injury for pain level and any lack of flexibility, and contact your doctor with any changes.

Injuries are part of life, and if you’re active they can be especially irksome. Contact with the right medical professionals can get you back on the path to fitness. Follow their advice, and feel better soon!

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