We can all get from one place to another throughout the day, completing activities of daily living independently, yet as we grow older, bone resilience decreases and an unexpected fall may result in a fractured bone. Treating bones with proper care, especially in old age, involves the following five steps.

Bone Deep Five Steps to Fortify Your Health in Old Age

Bone Density Measurement
A professional healthcare provider can measure bone density with the proper equipment. Bones that are less dense, such as in the case of osteoporosis, are more susceptible to injury. It is important to know if a person of older age has osteoporosis so the proper precautions may be taken.
Exercise Regularly
The routine of exercising every day can make a huge difference in bone health. People of old age should perform weight-bearing exercises as tolerated. These exercises may include lifting hand or ankle weights, and other activities depending on strength and coordination of the individual.

Avoid Injury
Avoid placing items on the floor that may cause you to slip and fall. This includes rugs that may move and items near the stairway. Non-skid socks or slippers may also help to retain traction with the floor. Preventing a fall is easier than healing bones afterward.

Focus on Nutrition

Bones have a constant need for nutrients, especially Calcium and Vitamin D, to continue to function. According to Insero which does dental implants for missing teeth, calcium may be found in dairy products, and Vitamin D is best made by time spent in sunlight. If Calcium and Vitamin D are not sufficient in the diet, many nutritional supplements offer these bone-fortifying components.

Get Evaluated
Teeth are bones that may become weaker with age, and they oftentimes fall out or develop cavities. Visiting a dentist regularly can help keep the teeth in top shape. Additionally, these visits may lead to dentures or dental implants. These interventions can help older people continue to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check in with your doctor regularly to make sure you’re getting everything done you need to.

Bone health is necessary to complete everyday tasks independently. In order for people of old age to stay healthy, these five steps should be followed. Determining bone density and routine evaluations may help prevent complications of growing older, and care can be altered for each person. Exercise, nutrition, and removing obstacles can directly impact the independence of each person as well. By using these five steps, a person can fortify his or her own health in old age.

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