Most homes in America know someone who has extensive hospital bills they just can’t pay. While it is important to always pay our bills on time, life may prevent us from paying a large lump sum. Rather than ignoring the bills and letting them pile up, use these tips to help you better handle your hospital bills and stay on track and financially stable.

Better Ways of Handling the Hospital Bills

Consult an Attorney

If your bills were the result of an accident, or because of a problem with insurance, an attorney may be able to help you get the bills paid. A long term disability lawyer Frederiction may be able to show you alternative options of going about payments. This is also true if you have money, and want to find ways to lower your overall medical costs, an attorney can also help you negotiate with the hospital and possibly lower the bill.


Arrange Small Payments

Many hospitals in America know that it can be difficult to pay for medical treatment, and they would rather get some money than none at all. Try contacting the hospital’s billing department to see what your options are. According to the Cantini law group, many hospitals will work with you based on your income, which could mean lower monthly payments.


Use a Credit Card

If your hospital bill is about to go to claims, you might want to use your credit card to pay them in full to avoid damage to your credit. If you pay with your card, you will be able to make payments on the bill, rather than paying in full. This makes the bill much easier to manage.


File Bankruptcy

If you qualify for bankruptcy and don’t have any major assets that you could loose, you may want to explore bankruptcy options. Filing is not the end of the world, and can help you in other financial areas of your life. Consult an attorney to see if bankruptcy is a good option for you for settling a large medical sum.


Explore Alternative Fundraising

While hosting a fundraiser may not be your ideal way to pay off a hospital bill, it might be what it takes to get the help you need. Many communities will help organize fundraisers that leave your name anonymous, or you can try and organize one yourself.


Whenever you get a bill, you should inspect it carefully to make sure there are no mistakes. If you feel that you did not get the services described, or the best care possible, discuss the bill with the hospital. They may be able to adjust the costs or give you explanations as to why the bill is so high.

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