Water is an intrinsic part of life, both sustaining and nurturing. Getting your eight cups of water in daily is important for keeping every internal system working. Just like how plants get their hydration from a rain shower, your body should be hydrated by taking in water. Here are a few reasons why you should fill your glass now and soak up the benefits.

Overcome Fatigue

For many, fatigue feels like it comes out of nowhere. Bones ache for no reason and your mind feels foggy. You’re dizzy and your throat will potentially be dry. When you drink enough water, your body works extra hard to give itself the required oxygen and nutrients.

Water Detoxifies

As your body regulates fluids, it rids itself of toxins. The bean-shaped kidney is the size of your fist and filters up to 150 quarts of blood. It also produces about two quarts of urine — the more water you consume, the more you dilute the fluids in your body to remove toxins. Your blood volume increases so your heart doesn’t have to do as much work. When you drinking more water you’re less likely to get ill and feel good inside.

Weight Loss

According to one study, those who stay well-hydrated possess higher BMIs than those who don’t — those who aren’t well-hydrated are more likely to be overweight, keeping toxins inside the body. Staying hydrated raises your metabolism, and when that’s combined with exercise, your body is more capable of regulating itself. This, in turn, better allows you to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Healthy Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it needs water to function at its best like everything else in your body. When you drink enough water, your circulation improves and more nutrients arrive to nurture your skin. Avoid liquids that cause dehydration, like alcohol and caffeinated beverages, and train yourself to reach for more water. 

Proper Digestion

Fiber is good for gut regulation, but your body needs plenty of water to digest soluble fiber. If you don’t get enough water, you produce hard stools which can lead to constipation. Allowing more fluid to work through your intestinal system creates soft stools that can pass through the body more easily.

Improve Mood

Drinking more water improves your mood by boosting your energy levels. In one study, researchers instructed 22 people who typically drank the right amount of water daily to drink less. As a result, the lowered water intake led to bad moods, along with confusion, lethargy and headaches.

When you lack motivation, the rest of your body feels it as your organs work harder to get through the day. When your water level increases, your motivation improves which lifts your mood.

Healthier Immune System

Dehydration affects the functions of your bodily organs, energy levels and mood, but toxic build-up also affects your mood levels. The body uses water to produce lymph and maintain a healthy immune system — to carry immune system cells and white blood cells. Otherwise, it couldn’t carry vital nutrients throughout the body or rid the body of toxins. Your immune system depends heavily on your water consumption, so drink up!


Proper water intake regulates thermoregulation in the body, the internal balance and maintaining of your body’s temperature. In hotter months, when the rising temperatures cause your body to heat up, you need more water so you don’t suffer from a possible heat stroke.

Ensuring Healthy Water Consumption

Every county in the United States is required to test their water for safe chemical levels. Congress introduced the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974 to regulate the national drinking supply and guard public health. Amendments were made in 1986 and 1996 to extend protection to bodies of waters, such as lakes and reservoirs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency works with states and cities to ensure levels of manmade and naturally-occurring contaminants don’t extend beyond safe drinking levels.

Check your water reports at your city government website for more information. Water filtration devices can also be purchased for the home in lieu of buying packaged water.

When you drink enough water, your body stays healthy and functions well. Your risk for disease and illness lowers since your body doesn’t struggle to get through all of its processes on a daily basis. Drink more water and see the effects of a clean system almost instantly.

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