Leonardo Da Vinci’s Measure of Loveliness

So if you think that nothing can measure beauty, well you are wrong. Leonardo da Vinci did, and in terms of Math. Yes and it’s in Geometry if it’s too much to handle, and then take again the word ratio.

Ratio, as Da Vinci postulated may be the very way that one can measure one’s attractiveness. And to think Math has got nothing to do with a pretty face all along!

How Da Vinci’s Code Work

The code is the ratio. One’s attractiveness raises up if the proportion and symmetry of the body part is good and much better if perfect. It has been postulated by studies that many perceive proportional bodies as healthy.

Da Vinci clearly illustrated his love for beauty and ratio in his Vitruvian man. The man showed golden ratio in his body proportion. The ratio is foot to navel: navel to head.

But what does the golden ratio and the Vitruvius man got to do with beauty?

Golden Ratio and the Face

Like with the above navel ratio, the same works for the face. Only that the point of origin isn’t the navel.

 The length of the nose should be proportional to the length of the part from down the nose to the chin base on the golden ratio of Da Vinci. The eyes positioning also got to do with the beauty and the ratio.

The size of the base of your nose should be able to equal those of the size of the eyes. The size of the eyes should be equal to the distance between two. Your ears should also be in line with your eyebrows and the lowest part of ears should be in line with the tip of your nose. Sounds complicated? No. A grid can do the job for you.

So once you tried measuring some of your favorite celebrities’ faces, you can therefore point out those who have mathematical beauty.

Ancient Greek temples have the golden ratio at work and even work of arts like Michelangelo’s David.

Famous Celebrities and People Put Under the Rule

Beyonce scored high when it comes to the golden ratio turn outs. Giselle Bundchen and Angelina Jolie had a high score on this. Though Brad Pitt almost had it perfect! Mona Lisa though was the golden girl, yes; she has the perfect proportion, says Da Vinci.

The Exception of it All

Not all those who did not fit Da Vinci’s ratio aren’t beautiful. Mostly, there are those who may deviate slightly or even more that will really be just as attractive as well. Sometimes something makes somebody attractive minus the pretty face.

And who says that this golden ratio is everything? Sofia Vergara got low with this but still she has the full zest of life!

Some clinics though may bank on Da Vinci’s or other precise beauty measurement for marketing, anyway it’s your choice right? A little fix with nose job here and there won’t hurt but still it’s the beauty inside that count! So stay golden and beat Da Vinci’s ratio.

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