Taking that first step toward sobriety is going to change your life forever. Even if your addiction seems manageable, you could still be doing irreversible damage to your body and mind. Here are a few basic tips that will help you overcome your addiction and rebuild your life.

Email Those Who Are Closest to You

You will need to contact anyone who is going to be affected by your rehabilitation, and it might be easier to send them emails or letters. Writing out your thoughts will allow you to explain yourself without being put on the spot. It will also give your loved ones ample time to formulate their thoughts so that they don’t react emotionally. Once the letters or emails have been sent, you can then focus on yourself and the next few steps that need to be taken.

Speak with Your Primary Doctor

Most medical experts agree that an addict should speak with their primary doctor before making any changes to their habits. Your doctor most likely isn’t an addiction specialist, but they will be able to point you in the right direction. They can also take a look at your physical health to see if any other issues need to be addressed. A long-term addiction can have a major impact on your body, and you want to be absolutely sure that you remain healthy.

Prepare Yourself for Detox

Some people claim that detoxing is the most difficult aspect of recovery, and you need to be ready for that experience. Medications like Opioid Withdrawal Medication can minimize some of the worst side effects, but you should consider working with a detox specialist as well. Some rehab facilities even offer separate detox services to those who are struggling with stronger drugs such as opiates. As a general rule, an individual should never attempt to detox without professional assistance.

Work with a Rehab Specialist

Sticking to a long-term treatment plan is the only way that you will be able to beat your addiction for good. You might benefit from any number of rehab services ranging from family counseling to psychotherapy. During your treatment, you must uncover and address the root causes of your addiction if you want to avoid relapsing.

Going “cold turkey” might sound like a good idea, but you should always speak with a doctor before cutting drugs or alcohol out of your life. Withdrawal side effects can be severe, and you need to be in a safe and comfortable environment as you go through them.


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