Nothing is more annoying and sometimes even dangerous than the high pollen levels during the peak of the allergy season. Albeit some of the allergens present during that time are active throughout the year, you can still do much to avoid them. You don’t have to suffer an itchy throat, watery eyes, sneezing or the nightmarish asthma episodes. Here are our tips on what you can do to keep the allergens in your home to a minimum:

1. Reduce the surfaces absorbing allergens
Avoid placing a tablecloth on your table as it may absorb allergens. Not having one will allow you to do a quick clean by wiping the surface. Decorating with as few objects of art as possible will allow you to dust things faster. Not having all that clutter around you will give you a chance to avoid concentrations of allergens. Notably any surface capable of collecting dust within it is capable of keeping the allergens in your home. Avoid those by simplifying your lifestyle.

Allergy-Free Cleaning Tips

2. Monitor your indoor air quality
You can use a humidistat to keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home. Keeping this within reasonable levels by using a dehumidifer can also help a great deal. You must make sure you keep the levels under 50% as anything above that will become perfect breeding conditions for dust mites and mold.

3. Air purification
If you want to lower the overall allergen levels of your indoor air you will need the help of an air purifier. HEPA-approved purifiers are the best way to add that security to your home. Changing their filters is easy and on top of that there are several technologies available that provide the necessary help so you can deal with anything airborne.

Allergy-Free Cleaning Tips2

4. Use a steam cleaner
This is an excellent way to clean that doesn’t require annoying chemicals capable of becoming a reason for an allergy attack. The really good ones have many attachments and they destroy germs through their high temperature. You can disinfect, sanitize and overall deal with the cleaning in a way that will allow you to avoid much of what hurts you. Alternately you can use a HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner for the rest of your home as this will be a viable way of cleaning without too much hassle.

5. Washing surfaces
Wash bedding, shower curtains, curtains and more to avoid the collection and accumulation of allergens. This will also help you control the population of dust mites you have on your hands as they really don’t like clean surfaces and materials to infest. This is the reason why we open our windows whenever we can if we don’t suffer allergies. You can only wash the aforementioned on a regular basis combining it with steam cleaning and proper air purification to minimize the risks.

Also as a last point – avoid doing the cleaning jobs yourself as you may suffer from the allergens while you do it. Have someone else do the job for you so you’ll have an easier time.

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