One of the reasons why it is important to have regular home inspections is to identify and correct mold problems. While you can recognize the problem through sight and smell, a professional inspection will detect mold that grows in secret spots in your home. This is important because the fungi pose serious health risks to both humans and pets. If mold is not removed and controlled in good time, it is likely to cause health problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection and allergic reactions. Here are some of the secret areas where mold could be growing without your knowledge.

Inside Chimneys

Since not so many people will imagine that mold can grow in the chimney, you may not identify the source of the problem when the fungi wreak havoc in your home. The main reason why mold will thrive in this area is because any cracks on the bricks will collect dirt, water and organic material. At the same time, if the chimney caps are rusted, they will allow water in, a factor that will encourage the growth of mold. The best way to deal with the mold issue is to replace any rusted caps and request a chimney sweep.

Window Seals

One would assume that since air flows in and out of the home through the windows, there is little chance that mold would grow on the window seals. However, condensation will result in moisture when it is cold, providing the conditions necessary for the fungi to flourish. This is why it is advisable to open the windows and wipe any moisture after heavy rains. Cleaning the windows regularly will help you get rid of dirt and dust that supply mold with food.

Crawl Space

Although many of us don’t think about it, the fact of the matter is that mold could very easily be growing in your crawl space. A crawl space isn’t a part of the house that is frequented very often, if ever. Also, depending on where you live there could be higher levels of moisture in your crawlspace depending on where you live. If your heating system has a leak, you could also be heating your crawlspace without even knowing it. All of these conditions make the perfect spot for mold to grow. If you suspect mold is growing in your crawl space, contact professionals like Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc. to help you.

While working with professionals will ensure that the problem is addressed, it is important to eliminate any conditions that would promote the growth of the fungi. This will go a long way in saving you the time and money you would have spent trying to contain the problem.

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