Is Your Addicition Hurting You 5 Reasons To Kick Your Bad Habits NowEnough of anything is bad for you. Because of this, any addiction is a bad addiction. Whether you have a drug problem, binge eat or just watch too much television, there are a multitude of reasons why you should try to kick your bad habit as soon as possible. For starters, just take a look at these five.

1. It’s unhealthy

Too much alcohol will kill your liver. Cigarettes can give you cancer. Watching too much television is bad for your eyes and causes many symptoms that come from living a sedentary lifestyle. You only live once, so take care of your body now before it’s too late. Preventing something bad from happening to your body is a lot easier than trying to fix something that’s already happened. You can condition yourself to be disciplined and to adapt a more health and fitness friendly lifestyle. Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle will be initially challenging, but the rewards will be great.

2. It’s expensive

Most addictions tend to cost a lot – you’re addicted, so you always feel like you need more. An average pack of cigarettes can cost you between $6.00 to $8.00. Assuming you smoke a pack a day that amounts to appropriately $180.00 to $240.00 spent a month on a habit that is jeopardizing your health and may very well may be restricting your cash-flow. The sooner you kick your bad habit, the faster you’ll be able to get out of debt, take that vacation or upgrade to your dream home.

3. It’s unattractive

Are you trying to find that special someone? Since he or she could appear at any time, you need to be prepared. When you find that one person who you’ve been waiting for, you want to make a good impression. By becoming addiction-free, whoever you’re interested in will be much more likely to want a relationship too.

4. It won’t get any easier

Getting rid of your addiction isn’t going to get easier as time goes on. In fact, it will probably get harder, so stop procrastinating. The more you dread something, the more anxious you’ll become about it, so start right now. Just think – the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to say that you’ve kicked your habit. Call on the help of family members and friends to hold you accountable. Or alternatively, seek support support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These groups can prove invaluable on your road to recovery.

5. It’ll Lessen Your Money Problems

When you’re an addict, sometimes it’s really easy to make some bad mistakes in life. You might think you can still drive after a drink or two, and end up hurting someone. If that’s the case, and you can certainly hope it’s not, you’ll find yourself calling a personal injury lawyer (like Bronson Jones & Co) to come help you with your case. Lawyers are expensive, and you’ll add money problems to the guilt of hurting someone else.

When it comes right down to it, there aren’t any good excuses that you can use to put off kicking your bad habit. On the contrary, you should start now. Beating your addiction will be hard, but you’ll be extremely proud once you kick your bad habit. Few things are as empowering as being in total control of your life.

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