If you have lots of visceral fat on your belly, and you are depressed that you’ll have to spend hours and hours in the gym daily to kill that fat, it’s time to cheer up as we have a workout that won’t take more than ten minutes but is highly effective and burns belly fat at full throttle. But no achievement comes without effort and consistency. You have to do this regimen consistently, every day, 30 days a month. You should give at least ten minutes for your health daily.

Initially, you should use a timer. Having the time ticking for you during the workout lets you track your progress, the exact time, repetitions and much more. You tend to stay focused and on track this way.

Prisoner Squats

Squats are the best way to lose belly fat, as I have mentioned in a previous article in detail. Prisoner squat is one of the useful forms of squatting. Just put your hands behind your head and do the squats. It is important to do this in the right form. If you have never done squats before, try to do near a bench or a chair and touch your butt with the surface of the bench slightly. In this way, you will know that how deep you have to do down before pushing up. Put all the pressure on legs and belly; Do not use power of hands, arms or shoulders while pushing up. Check out this video to get the idea:

Seal Jump

Seal Jump is a pretty easy exercise, but it burns calories at a very fast rate. Just open your arms and then close them to clap while jumping at your position. Check out this video to get the idea.



Nothing beats pushups when it comes to strength and calorie burn rate. There are tons of YouTube videos to correct your pushup form. Do at least 10 pushups daily initially. If you can’t, you can put your knees on the ground and push up with your hands.

Lateral Jumps

Lateral Jumps burn fat from your sides of the belly. It is a great exercise to burn calories quickly. Just jump laterally around any fixed point, like a line or a bottle. Check out this video


Burpee is an amazing combinational workout. Start from the squat position, bending down, your butts a bit on the outer side. Now jump and go the pushup position, do one pushup, quickly stand up and jump with your hands above, clapping. This is one burpee cycle. Do as much as you can. Check out this video to see how to do a burpee correctly.


This complete workout will take 10 minutes, and will exhaust you, burning calories and fat mainly from your belly.

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